Hytera PD795Ex

Hytera PD795Ex

Product features

  • Sealed Ergonomic Design
  • Functional Keypad/Colour Display
  • Analogue and Digital
  • Robust and Water Resistant
  • Secured Battery
  • Exceptional Voice Quality
  • One Touch Calls/Texts
  • Individual and Group Texts
  • Scanning
  • Multiple Language Menu
  • GPS Positioning
  • Lone Worker/Man Down

Product specification

  • Radio Type: Portable, Analogue & Digital
  • Weight (Grams): 495
  • Power Output (W): 1.0
  • Frequency (MHz): 400 - 470 (UHF 1); 136 - 174 (VHF)
  • Number of Channels: 1024
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life (Hours): 17

More information

The Hytera PD795Ex portable radio is the world’s first intrinsically safe two-way digital radio. Its new plastic-encapsulated technology provides safe and reliable communication in volatile environments (with explosive gas and combustible materials). These ATEX radios are housed in a rugged, anti-static, non-slip shell, making them easy to grip and carry around. Advanced ergonomics ensure seamless operation – even with gloves – in the most demanding conditions.

Whether in digital or analogue mode, the basic keyboard and the sharp LCD colour display improve operational efficiency. Plant managers can tap out texts as well as make speedy calls to key personnel, work groups, or the whole team. Cut-glass audio clarity removes the risk of ground crews missing crucial safety instructions. You can fully trust your Hytera PD795Ex whilst working in extreme industrial processes, or acute weather conditions.

The ‘Lone Worker’ and ‘Man Down’ safety features broadcast an alarm when remote operators are in danger. In addition, ‘GPS Positioning’ can help colleagues to pin-point their location. The sturdy PD795Ex comes with a patented latch design, which keeps the battery in place when dropped. And this long-life battery avoids the need for recharging during long, hard shifts. To reduce the risk of an accident, any low-security batteries and accessories will automatically trigger an alarm if connected.