Hytera PD715Ex

Hytera PD715Ex

Product features

  • Atex
  • IP67 rated
  • Safe in combustible environments
  • Electrostatic free design
  • Locking battery compartment
  • Resists gas, dust and liquid
  • Emergency button
  • Lone Worker/Man Down
  • Ergonomic design

Product specification

  • Weight (Grams): 485
  • Power Output (W): 1.0
  • Frequency (MHz): 400 - 470 (UHF 1); 136 - 174 (VHF)
  • Number of Channels: 1024
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life (Hours): 17

More information

The Hytera PD715 Ex is designed for tough environments where explosive gas and combustible material may pose risks. This ATEX-compliant radio will not ignite airborne material, and is highly resistant to dust, gas and liquid ingress. The components inside the radio are covered and separated to ensure safe use, and the blue areas of the case prevent electrostatic discharge. The battery cover also has a unique locking design so that it cannot be disengaged accidentally.

This two way radio has a highly visible emergency button to instantly summon help via an alarm, and this mode instantly triggers a voice call when it is activated. The radio also has GPS and man down functionality so that operators can be instantly located, and if a worker is injured, other users are immediately notified. The keypad and control knobs have been designed so that operators wearing gloves have easy access to all buttons, and the textured surface on the exterior provides superb non-slip capabilities.

Despite its specialised features, the Hytera PD715 Ex does not compromise on functionality in other areas. It can be used in both analogue and digital mode, and boasts a generous 1800mAh Li-Ion battery. Thanks to its upgradeable firmware, this radio can be enhanced with new features without having to add expansion modules.